Our mission is to make real estate investing a collaborative, simplified process. Our aim is to give every investor the opportunity to participate in high quality real estate investments across the United States, helping you spread your risk, diversify your portfolio and give you access to investment returns generated from secured loans to real estate developers.

Matthew Sullivan

Matthew Sullivan
Founder and President

Matthew is the founder and president of Crowdventure, LLC. He is also a co-founder and director of the Secured Real Estate Income Fund II, and is responsible for the fund’s structure, partnerships and investor relations.

He worked with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group on a number of projects and was a director and trustee of Virgin’s London Air Ambulance.

Matthew went to Westminster School in London, UK and studied Law at Birmingham University before pursuing a career in finance and stockbroking, specializing in the South East Asian markets. In 1997 he chose an entrepreneurial path and founded Europe’s first internet billing application service provider. Since then his career has been focused on finance and technology.

Chuck Tralka

Chuck Tralka
Fund Manager

Chuck is a director and fund manager. He is a former high-technology executive, having served in a variety of engineering and marketing management roles during his 23-year career in that industry. While working in high-tech, he began investing in various real estate projects and over the last twenty years has bought, held and sold multiple investment properties. Since 1990 he has been an active investor in real estate and real estate investment funds focused on the financial aspects of the business. Mr. Tralka has a passion for helping investors achieve their financial goals through careful selection of the right investments and in particular for helping people optimize returns for their own retirement accounts. Mr. Tralka is a graduate of the University of California, Davis and holds a degree in electrical engineering from that institution. During his high-tech career he served in various roles at Altera Corporation, Aptix, Inc., QuickLogic Corporation and Xilinx, Inc.


Jordan Goodman

Mark Ross

Mark serves as Director, Lending Services at Good Steward Lending Services. Mark has been in the mortgage industry for 43 years, focusing on conventional, commercial and private money lending (and the sale of existing paper). He has experience in running his own company for over 26 years, managing warehouse lines of credit, multiple loan originators, underwriting private money loans, and originating commercial and agency loans. He understands federal and state laws due to his involvement in writing the original Arizona Mortgage Broker law. He was previously the editor of a statewide mortgage publication and hosted a radio show for 5 years. From an industry perspective, Mark has been selected as one of five members of the Arizona Mortgage Brokers Testing Committee, responsible for writing and updating the Arizona Mortgage Loan Originator licensing test, and continues to teach licensing and renewal classes for loan originators.